I'm Helen

It’s a humble experience to present myself to the world through an online platform, trusting that the Universe will give direction to those who I need to approach me. Who I can support and show the love and commitment which brings a difference to their lives. This is a contract that I honour and manifest in my daily practice, which keeps me strong as a mother, a wife and guide for all those with whom I cross paths.

I have, in the course of my journey, learnt that life is given to us to look after, to cherish and to take responsibility for. It is up to us to recognise and step up to this commitment, because if we don’t, nobody else will. If we can demonstrate the value and importance of our own being, we can allow others to see the magic of what they’re holding. A gift beyond our fathoming.

There is a stage of personal healing where the gifts that healed you, natrually express themselves into the lives of those around you. It is with a devotion and gratitude that I have accepted this realisation. My clients will identify that within myself this devotion is the glue that provides authentic connection. That their progress is directly linked to mine, and that this manifestation is one of the Universe. The same which blooms flowers and spurs embryonic biology.

The spiritual path is within all of us, it’s the constant main storyline that backdrops our regular lives. It’s there for us when we close our eyes, when we’re happy, when we suffer loss, when we are lost. It will always be there while the details of our external lives change beyond our recognition. Through simple techniques and daily practices, we can explore and make meaning of this space. An inner landscape that many claim can be personally empowering and moreover, absolutley life changing.

Let’s explore this vast and beautiful landscape together, heal our pains, turn into the light and shine. I offer you a confidential space to unfold, to bring your vulnerability out and to feel authentic honesty. I welcome you to ask me about my personal journey, and I look forward to sharing yours and growing into spiritual soul alignment together.

My Mission

To nurture as many individuals as possible to connect to their inner medicine; soul and heart, in order to fulfil their souls purpose, become self-realised in all areas of life and shine their unique light bright!. 

My Vision

A world of empowered, aware, self-realised individuals working collaboratively for a peaceful, harmonious and balanced world.

My Values

Empowerment ⦿ Freedom ⦿ Choice ⦿ Nurture ⦿ Honesty ⦿ Integrity ⦿ Safety ⦿ Trust ⦿ Community