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Helen child

I have always loved food, even as a young girl. I distinctly recall the kitchen table being furnished every day with wholesome meals and home-made yummy desserts, which had been lovingly prepared by my mother. She was and still is an excellent home-cook, who is well-known for her heavenly cakes!

As an adult I still love food! I have to admit though that I haven’t consistently liked preparing and cooking it, although I have always appreciated eating it. Over the years, my relationship with cooking has alternated from being a chore that needed to get completed so that I had one less item on my to-do list, to being a pleasurable and joyful experience, that enabled me to express my creativity.  Upon reflection, my attitude towards cooking was intrinsically linked to my mood, energy levels, to-do-list and the time I had available that day.

My yo-yo relationship with cooking is what inspired me to find a middle ground, so that I could consistently enjoy the creative process and manage my time effectively, whilst ensuring my family ate delicious and nutritious meals that had minimum impact on our environment.


My Aim:

By sharing my favourite recipes, tips and ideas, my intention is to empower people to:

  • experiment with new flavours, cuisines and recipes
  • fall in love with cooking
  • experience a healthy relationship with food
  • be confident and creative home cooks
  • utilise recipes and cooking methods which suit individual/family lifestyle
  • budget, organise and shop effectively in order to maximise time, money and enjoyment
  • involve family/friends to make food and meal-times FUN


What is Conscious Cooking?


Conscious cooking enables you to be soulfully connected to the food that you eat. It takes into account the produce you buy, where you purchase it from, how you prepare, cook and serve it, as well as positive long-term health and wellbeing benefits.

In a nutshell (excuse the pun), conscious cooking …

  • is tasty food which nourishes your mind, body and soul.
  • prepares/ cooks food with positive intention and love.
  • delights and ignites your senses.
Evolving You through Conscious Cooking
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